One of our main goals, amongst other things, at Mel Maria is to “seek Excellence in Catholic Primary Education” for all students. This involves the integration of technology in all areas of the curriculum. Students must become competent users of technology to maximise their learning and to be able to actively participate in a rapidly changing world. Technology is a tool which helps teachers extend, develop and consolidate what is being taught in the classroom and beyond. Technology does not replace teaching; however, it provides the medium to help extend or consolidate important concepts taught in the classroom across all areas of the curriculum. 

The world in which our children are growing up, is different to ours. They have been born into a world where technology is an integral part of everyday life. We need to create students who are lifelong learners, innovators, entrepreneurs and responsible global citizens.

The BYOD program is run in Year 3 - 6 with an Apple iPad. This device allows students to become authors, movie directors, graphic designers and artists. It allows students to capture their own learning, as well as, develop critical skills of assessing information. The iPad enables students to develop ICT skills using both Apple and Microsoft tools.

Below is the link to the 2024 BYOD parent information booklet.


BYOD 2024